• Be 18 years of age

• Have a qualifying Regional Center disability that significantly affects their ability to function independently.

• Be willing to live independently with appropriate  support systems

• Be willing to establish goals with New Beginnings and actively participate in achieving them

• Be neither a danger to self or others

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Our mission is to facilitate maximum independence and

self-sufficiency through providing quality services to our

consumers. This means that we will do our utmost to

ensure that every consumer lives in the community of their


It also means that every consumer will be able to live the

lifestyle that he/she chooses within the bounds of health

and safety concerns.  Our presence will be felt as we 

support, train, and direct with a gentle hand, remembering

that the consumer is the one in control of their life and the

direction it takes.

We have strong commitment to providing quality services staffed by trustworthy, dependable individuals.  Employees are put through a rigorous background check which includes:

                            • Intellicorp

                            • Department of Justice

                            • DMV/current license/auto insurance

                            • Drug Testing

Each employee receives training prior to working with a consumer and has to participate in on-going, on-the-job training.  Each consumer is provided an attendant eager to provide quality services.

Supported Services

To Be Eligible For Services You Need: